1. Bullet Digital Audio & Video

  2. Bullet Day & Night mode support

  3. Bullet CamScan - quick and easy configuration

  4. Bullet Dual address support for 3G access

  5. Bullet 5 Zones - swipe for fast access.

  6. Bullet 6 Cameras per zone.

  7. Bullet Pan/Tilt for Foscam

  8. Bullet Foscam 2-Way audio (PTT) - experimental

  9. Bullet IR Control

  10. Bullet Customize camera layout & zones.

  11. Bullet Landscape Video and PiP modes.

  12. Bullet Popup camera controls.

  13. Bullet No monthly charges.

  14. Bullet No hard sell on cameras, BYO

  15. Bullet Feature requests taken via our support group

  16. Bullet Trusted company with good support.


  1. BulletFoscam FI8918W Black

  2. BulletFoscam FI8918W White


  1. BulletY-Cam White

  2. BulletY-Cam White SD

  3. BulletY-Cam Black/Knight

  4. BulletY-Cam Black SD/Knight SD

  5. BulletY-Cam Bullet


2nd Generation Y-Cam required.

Firmware 2.35 or above required.

Easy Network Camera based Security.
Now includes Audio support for Y-Cam & Foscam.
Your Networks Cameras from anywhere in the world!


Some feature requires admin account.  Quality may degrade on WiFi & 3G. 

Audio buffering creates a few seconds delay. Audio on Y-Cam only supports AMR. Controls may differ from screenshots. 

PTT / 2-way audio only is experimental and seems to work best with a single camera displayed, ie. layout mode Uno.

Foscam Controls

Y-Cam Controls

v3.0 out now!